Easy way of finding the products and comparing products with price

Researching and re-designing the user experiance and user interface

Askmea2z is an affiliate marketing website, which promotes products of top e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Tataclick, Shopclues, etc.,

Product duration


My Role

UI/UX design, UX Research, wireframing, Prototyping, Testing


Problem Statment

Decreasing in User Traffic (Organic Traffic), Decreasing in promotions conversion ratio


Objective Goal

Going with the business goals and discussion with the client and with developers, we selected these goals

  • Compare same products with Different Prices from top e-commerce
  • Comparing features for different products and showing the best product
  • Providing user reviews to the users
  • Giving access to the user for review and rate the product




  • We conduct one on one interviews with about 15 people who buy online and Shopkeepers
  • After conducting interviews, We found Problems that are not identified before by the client
  • Difficulty in finding the right product from search
  • Seeing different prices for the same product
  • Difficulty in comparing the prices from one e-commerce website to another e-commerce website
  • Difficulty in filtering the product, the product has only fewer filter options
  • 60% of the people are facing Problems in choosing the product with comparing the features and making a decision
  • 70% of people are wasting money without comparing the product to other e-commerce websites

Features and Functionalities

  • Showing top products with a rating based on features and best product based on user rating
  • Showing all prices for the product listed on other e-commerce websites and Showing the best prices in one place
  • Allowing the users to compare the products based on the features
  • Changing the SEO from the product name to product name and product id

Competitor analysis


  • Mysmartprice is the top blog website on electronic
  • Writing an article (blog) on the product and sharing in-depth knowledge.


  • Smartprix is a price comparison website and review website
  • It compares the product and provides reviews from other websites

User Personas


Bala Kumar


  Age 33



Doing electronic business for past 10 years. frequently purchases products online


Finding the best product at the best price.Knowing the product price online

Pain points

Difficulty in finding the product with the best price, Wasting time to search for the product prices, Knowing best deals


Software Engineer

  Age 24



A software Engineer, know about the internet and frequently purchases products Online


Buying the best products for the best price, Knowing the best deals and compare

Pain points

Difficulty in finding the product with the best price, Wasting time to search for the product prices, Comparing the different product

User Journey Map




Usability Testing

We did usability testing with 6 participants who are like Electronic shopkeepers, high purchase online shoppers, and users who are don't shop online often


  • To have an option to select different variant selection like color, RAM, ROM in mobile and electronics
  • To have a price alert to notify the user when the price decreased through mail
  • Providing user reviews to the users
  • Showing multiple product images



Lessons Learned

The exploration of the user journey via user interviews and usability testing was a real game-changer for me, I understood the real motivation and what the user looking for.
All the users have different thought processes and different opinions on their requirements, Doing user research and testing made more clearway.

Thank you!