Medical Records

Storing the medical records and maintaining healthy space to minimize data storage usage

Researching and re-designing the user experiance and user interface

The medical record module stores the medical records and shares the medical records with the doctor for online doctor consultation.

Product duration


My Role

UI/UX design, UX Research, wireframing, Prototyping, Testing


Problem Statment

Storage space is increasing due to multiple copies of the same reports uploaded by the user while online doctor consultation.

No dedicated space to store the medical reports in one place and share records while consulting the doctor online.


Objective Goal

Users are the gods for the business,Going with the business goals, we selected these goals

  • Providing options to users for storing the medical records
  • Storing the reports in a simple way for sharing medical reports to doctors virtually
  • Giving access to the user to share and stop sharing the records




  • We conduct one-on-one interviews with about 12 people who use different products to store the medical records, online consultation, and people who don't do any virtual consultation with doctors.
  • No dedicated place to store the medical reports
  • Users can only share the reports with the doctor at the time of virtual consultation, due to this wasting time for the user and doctor ( user uploading time and doctor has to review )
  • Storing the records in the Appointment history module, The user cannot use the pre-uploaded reports for the new Virtual doctor appointment.
  • Storing records in the appointment history section increases the data space due to multiple copies of the same reports uploaded by the user while online doctor consultation various times, causing more money for the business to buy extra data storage.

To solve user needs by

  • Creating a dedicated storage space as a medical records module
  • Giving access for the user to make a record that can store all the specific reports according to the record
  • Creating a medical record that contains reports based on date, hospital, test type, etc.
  • Providing access for the user to share the medical records or medical reports to the doctor ( for upcoming appointments)

Competitor analysis


  • Practo connects the doctor-patient virtually, Offline appointment booking, lab test booking.
  • Users can store medical records, and users can only share the medical records in the appointment chat


  • Mfine is a platform that provides online doctor consultation, book lab tests online
  • Users can only share the medical records in the appointment chat

User Personas


Vijay Kumar

Senior Engineer

  Age 50

 Tamil Nadu


Vijay Kumar is an engineer in the coal mine as a Senior Engineer, Visiting coal mines and in the office, having respiratory and acidity health issues

Pain points

Managing the original (paper document) medical reports is difficult

Carrying all the documents to consult with the doctor is difficult


Software Engineer

  Age 33

 Tamil Nadu


A software Engineer, Works 9 hours a day with unhealthy food habits, Has acidity, back pain health issues

Pain points

Storing all medical records in the cloud makes longer time to upload and download




Usability Testing

We did usability testing with 6 participants who are using other online virtual doctor websites and some who didn't use online doctor consultation, going with the business goals, we selected these feedbacks


  • Little complex in creating a record ( first need to create the record and then go into the created record and then add reports )
  • To have an individual report level sharing is useful ( sharing entire record is good but also having an option to share individual reports will give more control on reports


Lessons Learned

Doing User Research gave much knowledge on the product and found the problem of bad UX for medical records in the market.
Understanding the user's needs and conducting Usability Testing is very important, This solves the user needs at a high level.

Thank you!